Sunday, July 20, 2014

SIRIO CB/10 Meter Base Antenna Comparison Chart

SIRIO CB/10 Meter Base Antenna Comparison Chart -- by DNJ Radio
ModelFrequencyTypeGainMax PowerHeightRadial Length
Thunder 2725 - 29 Mhz 1/4 λ2.15 dBi100 Watts(continous), 300 Watts(PEP)960mm / 3.14 ftN/A
GPE 27 5/826.4 - 29 Mhz5/8 λ 3.35 dBi250 Watts(continous), 750 Watts(PEP)5950mm / 19.5 ft1320mm / 4.33 ft
GPS 27 1/226.4 - 29 Mhz1/2 λ 2.15 dBi250 Watts(continous), 750 Watts(PEP)5950mm / 19.5 ftN/A
Starduster M-400 26.5 - 30 MHz1/4 λ2.15 dBi1000 Watts(continous), 3000 Watts(PEP)5040mm / 16.5 ft2690mm / 8.82 ft
New Tornado 2727 - 30 Mhz5/8 λ3.35 dBi1000 Watts(continous), 3000 Watts(PEP)7230mm / 23.7 ft2000mm / 6.56 ft
Sirio 82726.4 - 28.4 Mhz5/8 λ 3.65 dBi1000 Watts(continous), 3000 Watts(PEP)6700mm / 21.9 ft1400mm / 4.59 ft
Sirio 201226.4 - 28.2 MHz5/8 λ 3.34 dBi1000 Watts(continous), 3000 Watts(PEP)6100mm / 20.3 ft1200 mm / 3.9 ft
Sirio 201626.4 - 28.2 MHz5/8 λ 3.45 dBi1000 Watts(continous), 3000 Watts(PEP)6100mm / 20.3 ft700mm / 2.39 ft
Vector 400027 - 28.5 MHz 3/4 λ 4.15 dBi1000 Watts(continous), 3000 Watts(PEP)8480mm / 27.8 ftN/A
SD-Dipole 2726.5 - 30 MhzDipole2.15 dBi1000 Watts(continous), 3000 Watts(PEP)5582 mm / 18.3 ft3200 mm / 10.5 ft
SY-3 Yagi26.5 - 30 Mhz3 element Yagi10.65 dBi1000 Watts(continous), 3000 Watts(PEP)Dimensions: 5942x2710x100 mm / 19.5 x 8.8 x 0.3 ft
SY-4 Yagi26.5 - 30 Mhz4 element Yagi13.15 dBi1000 Watts(continous), 3000 Watts(PEP)Dimensions: 5846x4030x100 mm / 19.1 x 13.2 x 0.3 ft
Gain-Master25.5 - 30 MHz0.625 λ 1 to 2 dB higher500 Watts(continous), 1000 Watts(PEP)7360mm / 23.7 ftN/A

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coming soon: REXON RHP-530 Air-Band handheld Radio with VOR

This is a great Air-Band Radio with VOR build in, Coming to US soon!

  • TX: 118 to 136.975MHz
  • RX: 108 to 136.975MHz
  • Weather channels: 161.650 to 163.275 MHz (US only)
  • 5W output power
  • VOR navigation with CDI
  • 760 COM channels and 200 NAV channels
  • 10 weather channels
  • 100 memory channels
  • 121.5MHz emergency frequency recall
  • Semi-duplex operation
  • Scanning of COM and NAV bands
  • Dual watch function
  • One touch selection of active and standby frequency
  • Side tone function
  • LCD back light
  • The REXON RHP-530 package includes:
  • Air Band Handheld Transceiver
  • Belt Clip
  • Antenna
  • BP-17L: 1700mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • RC-28L
  • Fast desk charger
  • English User's Manual
  • RM Italy LA 145 85 W Wideband VHF amplifier (135-175 mhz)

    The new RM Italy LA145 is basically the replacement for the classic RM Italy KL145 VHF 2 meter linear amplifier

    The RM LA-145 is a wideband compact FM/SSB amplifier for the VHF band; covering from 135-175Mhz. Output is nominal at full power (85w max) Input drive is from 0.5w to a maximum of 4w, ideally suited to low power handheld transceivers. Output power depends both on input power and frequency of use.

    Great for boost power on your HT radio. This can be also used for Marine band and Professional 2 meter band radio!

    Performance Chart 
    • Frequency - 135 - 175 mhz
    • Power Supply - 12 - 14Vdc
    • Input Power : 0.5 - 4 Watts Max
    • Output power - 85 Watts Max
    • Mode - FM-SSB-CW
    • Fuse - 102 A

    New Trucker Antenna: Sirio Performer 5000 3/8 10m & CB Mobile Trucker Antenna

    Special Design for Truckers, Coming soon!

    The new SERIES 5000 has been designed as a new series of vehicular antennas for 27 MHz or 10m HAM band to assure very good performances and high power handling. Thanks to its coil made of big section copper wire, TURBO 5000 and PERFORMER 5000 can bear very high powers up to 1500 Watts countinuous or 5000 Watts short time. It's very important to make use of the correct cable, in particular, we recommend to use a teflon RG303 for power more than 600 Watts to guarantee your tranceiver's life. The whip is made of 17/7 PH stainless steel and all the metallic parts are of chromed brass to get the best robustness. The Non-PL model are standardly supplied with 4m cable RG58 C/U for hole installation but they can be also fitted on magnet mount or brackets supplied with UHF connector. 
  • CB & 10m Mobile antennas
  • Very High power handling capability
  • Tunable from 27 to 28.5 MHz
  • Protection from static discharges DC-Ground
  • 17/7 PH tapered stainless steel whip
  • Whip detachable for car-wash
  • Suitable for magnetic mount installation
    Electrical Data
  • Type: base loaded
  • Frequency range: 27 ... 28.5 MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Polarization: linear vertical
  • SWR @ res. freq.: ≤ 1.2
  • Bandwidth @ SWR ≤ 2: ≥ 2000 KHz (200 channel)
  • Max. power: 1500 Watts (CW) continuous 5000 Watts (CW) short time
    Mechanical Data
  • Mounting: PERFORMER-5000 3/8: 3/8 24
  • Cable lenght/Type: Standard: for power up to 600 Watts max: 4m RG58 Hi power: for power up to 2000 Watts max: 4m RG303 teflon
  • Height (approx.): 1965 mm
  • Weight (approx.): 650 gr
  • RM Italy KL 7405 HF Linear Amplifier just passed FCC Lab Test

    The New RM Italy KL 7405 HF Linear Amplifier just passed the FCC lab test, It will come to the US Market soon

  • Working voltage from 11V to 14V
  • Maximum current consumtion 18A
  • Safety Fuse 20A
  • Frequency range 28-30MHz
  • Maximum Gain 15db
  • Maximum Pover IN 5W (Higher powers may permanently damage the device)
  • Maximum Pover OUT 120W
  • New RM Italy LA 250 Series VHF 2 meter Linear Amplifier Just passed FCC Lab Test

    The New RM Italy LA 250 VHF 2 meter Amplifier just passed the FCC lab test, It will come to the US Market soon

    The LA-250 is a 200W 140-150MHz amplifier, at 1 to 20W input (13.6V 30A). It uses 4 Mitsubishi RD70 Mosfets mounted on a copper heat spreader (200x60x3mm).

    It is available in two versions one with and one without top mounted fans. There is an external PTT input but it can be used also without due to the built-in HF-VOX. The front panel features an LCD display which shows input power, output power, heat sink temp and output VSWR. There is the ability to change the intensity of the backlight.
    The CPU keeps an eye on input power, temperature and VSWR and will if necessary disable the amplifier from transmitting if there is fault. Any errors will also be recorded and will be available for later recall for diagnostic purposes by either the manufacturer or his distributors.

    Weight is approximately 4kg. Dimensions are approximately 240x420x70mm for the non fan version and an extra 10mm of height, 80mm, for the fan version.

  • VHF 140—150 MHz Linear Amplifier
  • Operation Frequency: 140—150 MHz (2m Amateur VHF Band)
  • Modulation Types: SSB,CW,AM, FM, data etc (All narrowband modes)
  • Transistor: 4x Mitsubishi RD70HVF1
  • Power Supply: 13VDC+/- 1V 40A
  • Input Fuse (Internal): 3x10A (5x20mm Fast)
  • Input RF Power: 1-20W (All modes)
  • Output RF Power (Nominal): (200W)
  • Maximum bypass power (Amplifier off): 50W
  • Input VSWR: 1.1—1.5:1 Output VSWR Maximum: 2.8:1
  • Protection: Reverse Polarity, High Temperature, Load VSWR and Excessive I/P power

  • RM Italy HLA 300 Plus Linear Amplifier vs. the New RM Italy HLA 305v Plus Linear Amplifier

    So What's the new RM Italy HLA 305v plus is different from the classic RM Italy HLA 300v plus?

    The classic HLA 300 series amp still a very good amp!

    The new HLA305 is the next generation of the HLA 300 series amplifier. New features include:

    page1image4840 page1image5000
    1. Larger Heat Sink. A new die has been designed that provides increased dissipation by about 25%, which in turn increases the internal PCB size allowing improved layout of some of the critical circuit components. This allows the amplifier to be used at higher duty cycles without the requirement for cooling fans. A version is also available with fans, that are now larger diameter and run much quieter than previous models. This will afford the contest operator a much quieter noise level.

    2. More linear input circuit. This improves the measurement of both frequency and input power.

    3. More powerful processor. Allows improved control of the amplifiers protection circuits and general functionality. In addition we have introduced a new system for digital to analogue conversion that allows measurement of all values at the same instant instead of se-
      quentially, (sample and hold). We have also added measurement of the input current and redesigned the SWR sensor circuit which is now done with a ’Tandem Match’ that results in better linearity and precision.

    4. LCD Display. The introduction of a more powerful processor allows us to use an alphanumeric display which is able to show the status of the amplifier and some of the operating parameters.

    5. Improved Filtering. The six Low Pass Filters have been completely redesigned and are now 5 pole Cauer designs. This has significantly improved the attenuation of the harmonic output. We also now use larger (AMIDON) cores that avoids core saturation and with the use of high quality Siler Mica capacitors that are better able to cope with excessive voltage in the case of a poor load.

    6. Redesigned RF stage. With respect to the old HLA300 we now use an adaption of a classic Motorola design which although more complex improves linearity with respect to frequency and reduces signal distortion. The collector supply is now provided via the feedback transformer so the DC supply is no longer passing through the output matching transformer which greatly reduces the possibility of core saturation.

    7. Bias Circuit. This has been completely redesigned and is now stabilised in both voltage and temperature to keep the bias supply constant with changing supply loads and transistor temperature.

    8. Faster RX/TX Switching. RX/TX switching time has been greatly reduced, (After band detection has been completed). 

    RM Italy HLA 305 V Plus Professional Linear Amplifier With Fans passed the FCC Lab Test

    The New RM Italy HLA 305v HF Wide band Amplifier just passed the FCC lab test, 11 meter blocked, It will come to the US Market fall 2014!

    The new RM Italy HLA 305 V (with ventilator) is a Wideband compact Amplifier for the HF band covering from 1.8 to 30 MHz.
    The HLA-350 operates from 1.8 - 30 MHz and its output power is 250W, with an input power of 1-10 Watt. There are 6 filters built-in to suppress harmonics, which are switched automatically but can also be switched manually for special operating conditions.
    At the front panel there is a switchable input attenuator as well as a LC-display which can show input power, output power, heat sink temperature or output SWR. The intensity of the background light is adjustable. The CPU monitors input power, temperature and VSWR. Any error status are saved so that the manufacturer or authorised reseller can read them out for diagnose purposes. The PA has a PTT input (use for SSB recommended), but also a built-in HF-VOX.
    For optimal heat distribution the PA transistors are mounted on a large copper heat spreader (200x60x3mm). The HLA-350 has an oversized heatsink and therefore remains cool during operation.
    For operation the PA requires 13.5V at max. 34A, dimensions are about 240x420x70mm and weight 4,3 Kg.
    The model HLA-350V comes with 2 additional temperature-controlled fans and thus has a total height of 80mm instead of 70mm. The DC cable is removable.

  • Output is nominal 250W at Full Power.
  • 6 Band filter and LCD for Amplifier Status.
  • Input drive from 1W to maximum of 10W.
  • Ideally suited to Low Power handheld Transceivers.
  • Forced multispeed ventilation.
  • Frequency: 1,8 - 30 MHz.
  • Mode: AM FM SSB CW RTTY.
  • RF Drive: 10 W typ. (15W max).
  • Output Power: P1db 200W CW ± 1db typ.
  • Gain: 13,5 ± 1db P1db.
  • Power Voltage: 13 Vcc ± 2V.
  • Input Power: 45 A Max.
  • Input Impedence: 50 Ohm (unbalanced).
  • Output Impedence: 50 Ohm (unbalanced).
  • Final Transister: MRF 455 x 4.
  • Circuit: Class AB push-pull.
  • Dimensions: 240 x 67 (90HLA305V) x 450 mm. Weight: 4 Kg.